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After the pandemic attack, scope for virtual events have grown rapidly and many companies invested in providing virtual events services like video streaming, webinars, Live Concerts, Virtual Conferences, Client Meets, Digital Fests, Digital Corporate Events etc. Streaming events online has given us a chance to cover more areas within the country and outside too. Many event managements companies have also started providing the virtual event hosting services like Neer Event Management, Mint green Events etc.

You need to take care of few things while planning a virtual event:

  • Define your Virtual Event Audience

You must take care of your clients that how they will adapt to virtual events. As many of the client do not prefer to go online and participate in the online event, few of them won’t be having the systems to join the digital events. There will be lot of other questions where you must tackle efficiently and making your virtual events a successful. So, defining the audience as per your event is the important thing before you start planning your event.

You can discuss with your audience if they’re interested or you can conduct a online survey which will give you a better idea.

  • Choose a Platform

After the Covid-19, many new ventures started to deliver the livestreaming services and few of them are free of cost as well as. Like YouTube Live, Facebook Livestream etc. It also depends upon the strength of your virtual events as for more people coming online together requires a good bandwidth so that there’s no network glitch. So, choosing a virtual platform is also one of the important factors while planning for a virtual event.

  • Choosing an Anchor/Emcee

When you’re done with finalizing your audience and platform now, you need a good anchor or emcee who can host the virtual event. A professional anchor can be a good choice as he/she have experience in hosting the online events for Corporates, Weddings or Social. They can respond to questions and can greet everyone before the event. They can also make your audience play online games like Tambola, Pictionary etc. Besides, a host you can also opt for a co-host so that he/she can speak to each other and as well as to the audience. Many event companies have introduced the Virtual Event Hosting Services after the Covid.

  • Marketing Your Event

Marketing plays an important role in covering more audience for your event. There are several social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google where you can market your virtual events as per the demographic you want for your online event.

Use hashtags while posting about your event, create a Virtual event page on your social media channels, post in groups and if you have email subscribers then use banners to promote the event. Event Management Companies can get you a desired audience for your event.

  • Choosing a relevant Time and Date for your Digital Events

When you choose time and date, always keep in mind that it should be relevant for all your audience. So, weekends will be perfect day for the virtual events as everyone will be having their holidays and can join your event without any hassle.

You can ask your audience for date and time and take their suggestion so that you have an idea when all will be available for the event.

At last, however, you can generally transfer the video on YouTube after the live show, so don’t get too gotten up to speed in figuring out the ideal time.