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According to me success is continuous progress and which completely changes the perception about a business or a person or anything. I would like to share an incident regarding the success .. Neer Event Management (NEM) established on 30th September, 2015 by two brothers Neer Singh and Bijender Kumar.

Bijender Kumar always used to question Neer Singh that are we progressing? how we will get the success? It’s been many years that we’re into event line and have done many events but still it did not seems to be successful.
Neer Singh always said that we’ll grow slow, and some day you’ll yourself feel the success within.
So, one day Mr. Bijender Kumar went to a Bank for depositing the money and there was heavy rush in bank. As it was an emergency so Mr. Bijender Kumar waited for his time to come. After waiting for 2 hours, finally it was his turn to deposit the cash but bank employee went for a break and came after half an hour. Bijender was already frustrated and he burst down on that employee that how you could be so careless, it’s been more than two hours standing in queue and you are taking it so lightly.

Argument started between them and all were watching them only. Then bank manager came and asked them to calm down. Employee started complaining bank manager that this person is shouting on him and misbehaving in front of public. Bank manager asked employee to keep quiet and saw towards Bijender and asked him to share his mobile number. Bijender asked why you are asking for mobile number.

Do you want to complaint against me? Bank manager replied politely no Sir! I just wanted to confirm something, I have seen you somewhere but I am not getting. Bijender shared his number and then suddenly bank manager said Are you Neer Event Management’s Owner? Bijender Kumar said “YES. but what happened? Then Bank Manager said “SIR” few months back your companyy has organized our event and it was really amazing and great experience working with you. I think you forgot Bijender Kumar said “yes I remembered’, Bank manager scolded that employee and asked him to do his duty gently and he himself deposited the Bijender’s cash and also offered him tea and snacks.
Bijender realized that “THIS IS SUCCESS, How the behavior was changd when bank manager and others came to know that he is the owner of NEER EVENT MANAGEMENT.
From that day, he realized that we’re growing and what success exactly looks like…